Intro to YOUR Wiki

You may want to watch a video tour at your wiki tool (opens in new window): Wikispaces (I use Wikispaces) and PBworks have intro videos. Although the videos are not specifically for education wikis, they show you the very basics.

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After you watch the intro, you will want to be sure you can find your wiki again (click on the link and record your address once you have created your wiki) and log in. I do not recommend that you leave your computer logged into the wiki, since someone could use your access to really do some damage!

Fix "the look"

You can leave your new wiki exactly as it looks to start, or you can change the colors, etc. Find the options for your tool:
wikispaces: Go to Manage Space: Look and Feel to change colors and upload an image, if you wish.
PBworks: Settings > Skins (limited options)
You can always make these changes later and surprise your students!

Arrange your space

You do not need to do so at the start, but most teachers like to plan how the "furniture" will be arranged in the wikispace. Keep your wiki open in a new tab so you can return to this step-by-step.
Try making a new page within your wiki so it will show in the Navigation area.Wikispaces: Click "new Page" to create and add content (SAVE!); then "edit navigation" to type the name and make a link to it.
PBworks: Click "new Page" to create and add content (SAVE!); then click "edit" in Sidebar to type the name and make a link to it.
Many teachers make separate pages for each subject, unit topic, project, etc. If your tool permits you to edit the navigation area, prepare pages and show/hide them from navigation as needed. Bring them back next year.

Making Changes to the wiki set-up

On wikispaces and Wetpaint, the setting changes can only be made by you, logged in, even on a "public" wiki. PBwiki allows any logged-in member to make such changes.
Most settings are available from the small "Settings" or "Manage Space" links, but you can ignore many of them until you have a need. Help is usually available, as well. You can always refer to the TeachersFirst review of your wiki tool to find your options: (will open a new window): Wikispaces or PBworks
All that is left is making a "getting started" activity to introduce students (and parents?) to your wiki. Let's Light the Wiki!

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