**//Wiki ideas for younger students (elementary)://**

An annotated virtual library: listings and commentary on independent reading students have done throughout the year

Collaborative book reviews or author studies

An elementary class “encyclopedia” on a special topic, such as explorers or state history – to be continued and added to each year!

A virtual tour of your school as you study “our community” in elementary grades

A travelogue from a field trip or NON- field trip that the class would have liked to take as A culmination of a unit of study: Our (non) trip to the Capital and what we (wish) we saw.

Detailed and illustrated descriptions of scientific or governmental processes: how a bill becomes a law, how mountains form, etc.

A wiki “fan club” for you favorite author(s).

Family Twaditionwiki- elementary students share their family’s ways of preparing Thanksgiving dinner or celebrating birthdays (anonymously, of course) and compare them to practices in other cultures they read and learn about.

A Where is Wanda wiki: a wiki version of the ever-favorite Flat Stanley project. Have each Wanda host post on the wiki, including the picture they take with Wanda during her visit. Even better: keep an ongoing Google Earth placemarker file to add geographic visuals to Wanda’s wonderful wanderings as a link in the wiki. WOW! Where in the world IS Wiki Wanda?