Embed a Form:

  1. Click Here!

  2. Click on sign in the upper right hand corner

  3. Enter your G-mail address and password

  4. In upper left of window, click on documents

  5. Under All items, click on Shared with me

  6. Click on Almost Painless Guide to the U.S. Constitution, The

  7. Click on Form

  8. Click on Embed form in a webpage…

  9. Right click on selected text and select copy

  10. Hit Cancel

  11. Close embed form window

  12. Click on your wiki tab

  13. Click on New Page

  14. Page Name: U.S. Constitution

  15. Add Tags: Constitution, U.S. (hit enter)

  16. Click create

  17. Click Widget

  18. Click Document

  19. Click Other

  20. Right click in box under number 3 and paste

  21. Click Save

  22. Click Save

  23. You’ve embedded a form (another training on how to create a form will come later)

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